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  • Delivered a 6.91% p.a. return in the March 2022 quarter
  • Passive income via quarterly distributions
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*Listed returns are in respect to our Wholesale fund and net of fees. Past performance does not indicate future returns.

Invest in Australia's Leading Mortgage Fund

APG's Pooled Mortgage Fund is ideal for investors looking for a passive income stream that takes the heavy lifting and guesswork out of the equation while making your money work harder for you.

When you invest in APG's Pooled Mortgage Fund you are investing in a portfolio of short-term business loans that are secured by Australian real-estate and managed by a team of experienced mortgage managers. We conduct extensive due diligence on the borrowers and manage the loans from start to finish so you can sit back and relax and wait for your quarterly distribution. We actively manage your funds so you can enjoy the benefits of a truly passive investment. Get in touch to find out how you can secure your financial future with Active Property Group's mortgage investments.

Latest Investment Opportunities

May 12, 2022

South Morang, VIC – 11.50% p.a. Construction Completion

The purpose of this loan is to provide finance for the completion of a construction project in Bentleigh East, VIC.
66.18% 6 months 11.50% p.a. Second Mortgage
May 12, 2022

Mororo, NSW – 7.00% p.a. Business Cashflow

The purpose of this loan is to provide finance for additional business capital for infrastructure projects in Central and Northern NSW.
55.00% 12 months 7.00% p.a. 1st Mortgage
May 2, 2022

Templestowe, VIC – 7.02% p.a. Property Refinance

The purpose of this loan is to provide finance for the purchase of six townhouses and for construction completion in Templestowe, VIC.
65.00% 18 months 7.02% p.a. 1st Mortgage

What am I investing in?

The Pooled Mortgage Fund funds Registered First and Second Mortgages that are secured by Australian property with conservative Loan-to-Value Ratios - we typically lend less than 75% of property value. Investors in the Pooled Mortgage Fund have their funds diversified across a portfolio of loans looked after by the experienced team at the Mortgage Manager, Private Mortgages Australia, who conduct extensive due diligence before settling any loans.

Who can invest?

We are able to accept all investors whether they are a Retail or Wholesale Investor (see below for explanation). We can also accept investments from individual investors, self-managed super funds, trusts and companies.

In 2021, the Pooled Mortgage Fund received 'recommended rating' by an independent investment analyst.

(for Wholesale Investors)

(for Retail Investors - Target Market Determination)

Pooled Mortgage Fund details:

Target Return 6.91% p.a. result in Mar 2022
Minimum Investment $10,000 (Retail) $25,000 (Wholesale)
Fees All returns listed are net of fees excl. a 0.5% p.a. fee charged to Retail investors.
Distributions Quarterly
Redemptions Quarterly
Minimum Term None

Note: Target returns are not guaranteed nor is return of capital

Am I a Wholesale or Retail Investor?

1Wholesale Investor
1. A person or entity who initially invests at least $500,000 or

2. A person or entity that has obtained an accountant’s certificate within the preceding six months stating that they:

a) have net assets of at least $2.5 million, or
b) have a gross income of $250,000 p.a. for each of the last two financial years.
2Retail Investor
Anyone else who doesn't fall within the Wholesale classification above.

Investment Potential

Interest earned on investment (based on the Mar 2022 quarterly return of 6.91% p.a.)

Please refer to Information Memorandum or Product Disclosure Statement for details of fees.

Historical Performance

Please keep in mind that past performance does not indicate future performance. All returns listed are net of fees other than a 0.5% p.a. fee charged to Retail investors.

March 2022 6.91% p.a.
December 2021 7.24% p.a.
September 2021 6.58% p.a.
June 2021 8.10% p.a.

Why Choose APG

"IIR ascribes a “RECOMMENDED” rating to the PMAC Trust (Pooled Mortgage Fund). The Trust is based on a simple and straightforward investment strategy and objective. And the strategy has delivered. The Trust is managed by an experienced team and a manager with an established history in the property sector. In a world of historically low term deposit rates and ongoing dividend deterioration risk, we continue to view private debt, and including the Trust, as a very attractive alternative for income seeking investors."

Download our Investor Pack to find out more about APG, what to expect when investing in our Pooled Mortgage Fund and how to get started.


John, Croydon, VIC
John, Croydon, VIC
I have just added to my initial investment & found not only the communication with Lauren very prompt but also the paperwork required for the additional investment very easy. I recently recommended a friend to invest & they are very happy with the process also.
Susan, Seabrook, VIC
Susan, Seabrook, VIC
"I'm a first-time investor & I feel the investment has been a good choice with PMAC. You guys have been constantly communicating to let us know the results & the reasons for these results. Thank you for clear & constant communication. I feel it has built trust & I can see myself investing with you in the long run."
Laura, Narre Warren, VIC
Laura, Narre Warren, VIC
"APG has provided an income for my unwell mum to live in the best care we could give her. I am thankful that you all gave us this peace of mind. I have now invested my inheritance with APG and you have now given me peace of mind."
Jordan, Sunshine Coast
Jordan, Sunshine Coast
"Being new investors we were sceptical. But Lauren at Active Property Group answered all our questions and made the process easy."
David, Melbourne
David, Melbourne
"Tony and the PMAC team are excellent. When you compare their outstanding performance to the larger average performing pooled mortgage funds, you know you've found the best in the business." 
Sara & Michael
Sara & Michael
"This is truly passive. We get a cheque every quarter which goes towards our property portfolio, so it's a very useful side income."
James Dawson
"Tim Hart from APG has the ability to get to the core of a commercial property deal. With his experience and knowledge, Tim knows how to negotiate the right types of property deals to maximise profits for investors." 
Curt, Melbourne, VIC
Curt, Melbourne, VIC
"In the time that I’ve been invested in the PMAC Trust I’ve seen fantastic returns. I feel confident that the team at PMA will find great opportunities and continue to deliver solid results."
Bill, Lyneham, ACT
Bill, Lyneham, ACT
“I have been an investor in PMAC Trust since 2016.  The returns have been great and the staff have been very easy to deal with.  They are very professional and knowledgeable. PMAC Trust is a worthwhile investment.”
Josh, Heathmont, VIC
Josh, Heathmont, VIC
“I’ve had investing experience with Tony, who is professional, courteous & thorough. I don’t have time for “hands-on” investing. But with PMAC, I don’t feel the need to as the returns are very favourable.”
Adam, Mornington, VIC
Adam, Mornington, VIC
"For those of you who are thinking about investing with these guys, it’s pretty easy and rewarding."
David, Norlane, VIC
David, Norlane, VIC
"I've been investing with PMA for 3 years and they have delivered exceptional returns. The investment doesn't take up my time and produces consistent income for me. The team at PMA are professional and diligent in their lending practices."
Igor, Southport Park, QLD
Igor, Southport Park, QLD
"I'm very happy about the rate of return, the reporting process and the quality of the management."

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