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With mortgage interest rates starting to climb, house prices sky-rocketing and an erratic stock market, many investors are looking for alternative investment opportunities. Investing in mortgage funds is growing in popularity because of the higher returns and the passive income investors can achieve.

The purpose of ActiveX is to provide useful resources about investing in mortgage funds so you can learn all there is to know before jumping into an investment.

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Why Choose APG

  • All investors have received their quarterly distributions on time.
  • All investors have had their request to redeem funds paid on time.
  • The value of investors' initial investment has remained at $1.00 per unit.
  • We have an experienced team dedicated to delivering the best results for our investors.
  • Our directors are invested in the fund – we have skin in the game.
  • Our Mortgage Managers conduct extensive due diligence on every loan opportunity.
  • Every loan is secured by Australian real estate.
  • We deliver real service to our investors – we’re here to help however we can.
  • A large number of our investors have been with us for many years and reinvested with us.

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