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With bank interest rates at all-time lows, house prices sky-rocketing and an erratic stock market, many investors are looking for alternative investment opportunities. Investing in mortgage funds is growing in popularity because of the higher returns and the passive income investors can achieve.

The purpose of ActiveX is to provide useful resources about investing in mortgage funds so you can learn all there is to know before jumping into an investment.

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Webinar about investing in private mortgages

Be The Bank: How To Invest In Private Mortgages

With interest rates for 'savings' accounts and term deposits at record lows and rental yields for investment properties dropping, it's no wonder savvy investors are looking for other avenues to make their money work harder. So where do banks put their money when they want great returns? Mortgages. And you can do the same with private lending.

This webinar is for you if:

  • You're not collecting any interest from savings or term deposits and want to find out about other options.
  • You want to find a way to achieve a regular income from your investments.
  • You'd like to receive double-digit returns from your investments.
  • You'd like to find out what the story is with private mortgage investments.
  • You're nervous about risks and want to find out how safe investing in private mortgages is.
  • You're looking to set yourself up for the future.

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