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Active Property Group was formed to help everyday Australians gain access to investment opportunities that fall outside the usual shares and residential property markets.

The APG Team

Lauren Taylor

Managing Director

Lauren started her career in the public relations and communications industry where she worked for an extensive list of companies from all sectors including corporate, technology, consumer and digital over a 10-year period in both Sydney and London. Lauren had her own marketing company for a number of years and looked after the marketing and communications for Active Property Group and sister company Private Mortgages Australia before joining the team full-time in 2018. Once onboard Lauren took on the Investor Relations role and has developed excellent relationships with our investors and introduced a number of new initiatives to make investing with Active Property Group more attractive. She took the step up to the Managing Director role in 2022, however, she will still be responsible for maintaining solid relationships with our investors and ensuring we deliver the best results possible. 

Lauren has a Bachelor of Communications (Public Relations) and a Bachelor of Business from Charles Sturt University.

View Lauren's LinkedIn profile here.

Peter Cuskelly

Managing Director – Private Mortgages Australia

Peter joined Active Property Group’s sister company Private Mortgages Australia in 2015 and is now responsible for leading the team at PMA. He has a wealth of experience in credit across all types of lending including commercial, agribusiness, mortgage and personal clients.

Prior to joining PMA he was a mortgage broker offering individual and commercial clients tailored finance options to suit their needs. He has also worked with a number of large institutions including ANZ and Commonwealth Bank. Peter’s passion is working with clients to provide innovative and cost effective solutions whilst maintaining acceptable levels of risk.

Whilst Lauren is on maternity leave Peter will be overseeing the Investor Relations activities for APG and will be available for calls to answer any investor questions.

Peter has a Bachelor of Business, Graduate Certificate in Corporate Finance and is a qualified CPA. He has completed the Agile Project Management Foundation & Practitioner course and also holds a Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management.

View Peter's LinkedIn profile here.

Lhora Senga

Investor Relations

Lhora is responsible for onboarding our investors and making sure we have collected all the required documentation prior to an investor moving forward with an investment. She is on hand to answer any questions about how the Application process works and provide investors with the information they need.

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The APG Team

Behind the scenes we have a team of accountants, IT professionals and marketing specialists who ensure that our investors distributions are paid on time, our systems are running smoothly and our website and marketing materials are up to date. We’re a tight-knit team who genuinely want to deliver great results for our investors. You can read more about APG here.

The PMA Team

Private Mortgages Australia is our sister company, and their team of lending and credit experts look after the sourcing of the borrowers that make up our Pooled Mortgage Fund portfolio. Their role is to work closely with borrowers and brokers, conduct extensive due diligence before proceeding with a loan and then manage the loan to make sure it’s paid back on time. The APG and PMA team work closely with each other so that we have a solid understanding of the upcoming loans that require funding and so that we can effectively manage our cash position, ensuring we have the funds on hand to fund loans but not too much cash from loan repayments that will cause a drag on returns. You can find out more about PMA here.