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Historical Performance

Please keep in mind that past performance does not indicate future performance. All returns listed are net of fees other than a 0.5% p.a. fee charged to Retail investors.

June 2021 8.10% p.a.
March 2021 9.14% p.a.
December 2020 9.79% p.a.
September 2020 9.63% p.a.

Why Choose APG

"IIR ascribes a “RECOMMENDED” rating to the PMAC Trust (Pooled Mortgage Fund). The Trust is based on a simple and straightforward investment strategy and objective. And the strategy has delivered. The Trust is managed by an experienced team and a manager with an established history in the property sector. In a world of historically low term deposit rates and ongoing dividend deterioration risk, we continue to view private debt, and including the Trust, as a very attractive alternative for income seeking investors." - see full report

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