Award winner announced at APG Roundtable on the first Friday of each month. Nominations must be received by the Wednesday preceding the APG Roundtable. Judged by Directors. Winner of the Active Award receive $50 (gift card or added to pay cheque). If the winner has also submitted a nomination that month they receive an additional $25. Winner of the Active Idea also wins $50.


    1. We are open, honest and transparent with clients, partners and each other.

    2. We value autonomy and taking ownership of the areas we are responsible for.

    3. We believe our greatest asset is the people who work with us.

    4. We value good communication despite the distances between us.

    5. We encourage everyone to find a great work/life balance.

    6. We constantly strive to help our clients, partners and staff achieve their goals.

    7. We always act with empathy, compassion and respect towards our clients, partners and each other.

    8. We always act lawfully, ethically and responsibly.